Certification Courses

Building Science Principles

Learn how these systems affect the comfort, health and safety of occupants and durability of the home. Discover why improving the energy efficiency of the home should be the first step toward solar, geothermal, or other renewable energy improvements.

Envelope Professional

As an Envelope Professional, you will be knowledgeable enough to prescribe improvements to tighten the building envelope (shell), stop uncontrolled air leakage, and optimize comfort, durability, and HVAC performance.

Crew Leader

By obtaining the Crew Leader certification, you prove that you have the ability to ensure the quality, and supervision, of the installation and performance of prescribed energy efficiency upgrades, as laid out in a scope of work.

Building Analyst

The Building Analyst certification verifies your knowledge, skills and abilities needed to conduct comprehensive building performance audits, including assessing whole-building ventilation, measuring airflow, combustion safety and testing/data collection.

Healthy Housing Principles

Learn how to identify asthma triggers and risk of lead poisoning to testing for CO and other health hazards, tremendous opportunity exists to incorporate a healthy home analysis into home performance assessments.

Air Leakage Control Installer

The Air Leakage Control Installer certification verifies the ability to tighten the building envelope, reduce energy loss from air leakage, and better indoor air quality by reducing pollutants and allergens.

Energy Auditor

Gain in-depth knowledge of how to use diagnostic equipment and modeling software to identify areas for energy savings, produce an audit report, and develop a prioritized scope of work for your customer with the HEP Energy Auditor certification.

Infiltration Duct Leakage

Earning the Infiltration and Duct Leakage (IDL) certification is a simple, comprehensive, and affordable way for builders to gain the skills needed to offer duct leakage and blower door tests, in compliance with IECC codes for new home construction or existing home remodels.

AC & Heat Pump

The BPI Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Professional certification is the right next step for you. By achieving this certification, you will prove that you understand the role of refrigerant-based mechanical systems and their interaction with other building systems.

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