Incentives and Rebates

Kelly Carey Everyone wants a more comfortable, healthy home. A reduction in energy bills is usually welcome, too! But although improvements to your home like air sealing, insulation, and HVAC improvements will pay for themselves over time, the upfront costs can still be difficult to manage. Fortunately, there are many incentive programs and tax breaks […]

3 Things to do Before Buying a Heat Pump

Kelly Carey The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 introduced exciting new ways to help homeowners reduce energy costs. Some of the most highly publicized incentives can help you purchase high-efficiency electric appliances and equipment. Heat pumps are one of the most exciting energy-efficient technologies funded by the IRA. Heat pumps, like a refrigerator, condition air by moving […]

Understanding the HOMES Rebate Program

Winter is a time when many people discover issues with their homes and make plans for upgrades in the coming year. Your home goals for 2023 might include: addressing comfort problems in certain rooms, lowering heating and cooling costs, resolving indoor air quality issues, reducing carbon pollution, or increasing your energy independence. The Inflation Reduction […]