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The American Institute of Building Science, LLC, was founded in 2015.  Our company comprises over 60 years of combined experience in the construction, home performance and environmental industries. We also possess within the management team, 185 years combined service in America’s most trusted institution, the U.S. Military. Our company is a values-based organization, dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of training, testing and certification, as well as execution in our field operations.

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What is ticoat?

TiCoat offers a unique solution with our Japanese engineering team that utilizes Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) and light to actively break down microorganisms or any organic matter in real time on a molecule level. New formulas contain additives that additionally allow TiCoat to work in the dark, enabling a full 24 hours a day protection. The traditional use of competing TiO2 coatings has always been to apply them to surfaces using organic binders, which has a major drawback as TiO2 breaks down this organic binder when light is applied to the surface, causing it to flake off the surface over time. This makes these solutions inefficient, since constant reapplication will be required. TiCoat’s photocatalyst powered surfaces act quickly and last a long time, providing the best ROI in the industry for keeping your surfaces clean and protected. TiCoat uses a unique inorganic binder which permanently attaches the coating to any solid surface (even PTFE/Teflon). The hardness of the finished coating is comparable to Gorilla glass screen protectors, and it lasts for years — unless physically removed or overpainted. It does not require any specific maintenance and it is optically clear. TiCoat is the world’s first permanent cleaning Titanium Dioxide coating with an inorganic binder.

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