Multifamily Building Analyst

Course Fee - $1,395.00
The BPI Multifamily Building Analyst (MFBA) conducts energy audits and performs overall building performance evaluations of multifamily buildings. These building professionals examine the relationship between the building’s various systems and apply knowledge and skills to complete comprehensive evaluations of existing buildings to make prioritized recommendations that improve occupant health, safety, and comfort as well as the building’s energy efficiency and durability.

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As a BPI Test Center, we include the written & field certification exams with our training package.

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Course Overview

  1. Read the Certification Scheme Handbook and Testing Knowledge List for the Multifamily Building Analyst certification.
  2. Training (optional): BPI does not require training and is not affiliated with any training centers.  However, individuals that complete training typically perform better on BPI exams. Most BPI Test Centers offer training
  3. Schedule your exams with a BPI Test Center in your area.
  4. Take your Multifamily Building Analyst Exams (both online). 
  5. Test Scores: After taking the online exam at the BPI Test Center, you will see your exam score on the screen. You can also log in to your candidate account to see your score.
  6. Certification: If successful, your certification will be available for print or download in your candidate account.

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