Zero Energy Buildings

What are "Zero Energy Buildings"?

A zero net energy building (ZNEB) is one that is optimally efficient, and over the course of a year, generates energy onsite, using clean renewable resources, in a quantity equal to or greater than the total amount of energy consumed onsite.

The introduction of zero-energy buildings makes buildings more energy efficient and reduces the rate of carbon emissions once the building is in operation; however, there is still a lot of pollution associated with a building's embodied carbon. Embodied carbon is the carbon emitted in the making and transportation of a building's materials and construction of the structure itself; it is responsible for 11% of global GHG emissions and 28% of global building sector emissions. The importance of embodied carbon will grow as it will begin to account for the greater portion of a building's carbon emissions. In some newer, energy efficient buildings, embodied carbon has risen to 47% of the building's lifetime emissions. Focusing on embodied carbon is part of optimizing construction for climate impact and zero carbon emissions requires slightly different considerations from optimizing only for energy efficiency.

USDA Powers Information Campaign to Help Rural Nevada Businesses Cut Energy Costs

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Nevada office has awarded funding to the American Institute of Building Science (AIOBS), a veteran-owned, Nevada-based training firm, to provide assistance to ag producers and other small businesses in rural Nevada interested in cutting their energy costs.

Zero Energy Office Buildings

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These ASHRAE publications help to guide architects, engineers, and other building professionals through the process of designing and building a zero energy small- to medium-sized office building in all U.S. climate zones.

Tax Credits for Energy Efficient Commercial Buildings

Building owners who place in service energy efficient commercial building property (EECBP) or energy efficient commercial building retrofit property (EEBRP) may be able to claim a tax deduction.

Grants & Loans for Business Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects in Rural Areas

The program provides guaranteed loan financing and grant funding to agricultural producers and rural small businesses for renewable energy systems or to make energy efficiency improvements.

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